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You've probably heard about it. Possibly from your kids, or someone down at the shop. Maybe even, like, eWeek or something like that.

Anyway, our approach here at Q.I. Software is that if you're on this page you've probably got loads of time on your hands. Massive amounts of time. And maybe even you're a closet geek. One that wants to code stuff.

Well, what we do is make the source available to most of our apps for you to take a look over. It's not in the name of security, it's not in the name of conquering any specific cities, it's just for you. To learn from, if you like. To build your own stuff on top. A bit like Lincoln Logs, but less danger of you poking your own or a sibling's eye out.

Just email source@supertart.com if this is your sort of thing.

Of course, all source is governed by the Q.I. Software Public License, so have a read of that first, before mailing us.

If you wish to file a bug report with us against one of our apps, send a mail with the relevant crash details, error thrown, and such to bugreports@supertart.com

If you wish to drop a line to say hi, drop a line to software@supertart.com