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Heya. So if you like what we do (and I'll grant you, we don't do *that* much), but think, "Man, wouldn't it be cool if...", we're quite happy to accept help.

At the moment, we're more than happy to take help in two specific areas:
    1) Design. Icons and such. We're bad at it. We know. You can help if you're quite clever and into that sort of thing. Mail designers[at]supertart.com for more info or shout outs.
    2) Localisation. Or localization. Whatever. If you want our apps/services/documentation/whathaveyou in your language, we'd love to have your help. Mail localisation[at]supertart.com for more info or shout outs.

"Now, that's all great," you might be saying, "but what's in it for us?"
Satisfaction? Name in the ReadMe.rtf file? Sorry, no cash, yet, you know, standard excuses of hard economic times and all that good stuff. The fact that we don't charge for our measly little offerings is another big factor. So help out if you can or have the inclination, we'd be incredibly grateful, and it will look good in nine out of ten religious karma-like systems.

If you wish to file a bug report with us against one of our apps, send a mail with the relevant crash details, error thrown, and such to bugreports@supertart.com

If you wish to drop a line to say hi, drop a line to software@supertart.com